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Instructions that build a better business

If you’re like most managers or business owners, too much of your day is spent on administration.

Many increase headcount just to deal with this effort, spiking costs and lowering productivity per person.

With Stacck, enhancing productivity with automation has never been easer.


Communicate with automatic tracking

Know if the task was done well and and when it was completed

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Ad Hoc Tasks with completion tracking
Track and manage anything you send
Real-time, threaded group messaging
Ad Hoc Tasks sending
Communications and announcements


Increase productivity by reducing time spent on crucial repeated tasks

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Ad hoc tasks that become routine through automation
Automated Training Quizzes in daily communications

Systematize & integrate training

Increase consistency for both new and old staff to achieve your business goals

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Training documents with live update
SOP Documents with Live Update
SOP Libraries

Security & Privacy

Keep your business and training data safe and secure even if staff leave

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Designed for enterprise
Delete company data when staff leaves
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