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Stacck solves common pain points

Simplify Onboarding

Powerful pre-programmed templates allow managers to train new teams quickly.

Automate Processes

Automatically distribute SOPs to save managers time.

Help Staff Prioritize

Highlight managers instructions without the distraction of chat.

24/7 Support For Staff

Provide answers to employee’s questions on your products, policies and more.

Stacck helps you be

Convey each instruction clearly to the whole team.

Get the response you need with different types of instructions.

Share announcements

Assign tasks

Run polls and quizzes

Get Feedback

Recognize employees

Managers schedule instructions. Stacck sends them at the right time.

Receive and send information instantly.

Private Network

Your information stays in Stacck and is secure even when staff leave.

Set Up Processes Quickly

Access over 25 pre-programmed templates across 7 categories.

Available on Web & Mobile

Access Stacck via iOS, Android and Web.

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